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Watermark Wealth Strategies, LLC

Founding Partner and Producer


Our combination of licenses, registrations, and extensive education enables us to work with all types of investments. There is virtually no investment vehicle we cannot utilize if the circumstances call for it - simple or complex. Our process takes a comprehensive approach to planning that incorporates your insurance, estate, and tax planning needs in addition to your investments. We also offer our clients a variety of valuable services including: 

  • Comprehensive Financial Lifestyle Planning
  • Legacy, Estate, and Philanthropy Planning
  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Risk Management and Asset Protection
  • Comprehensive Portfolio Reporting
  • Frequent Communication and Education
  • VIP Access to Private Client Events
  • Much more

Why Watermark?

It really is not a question. Because we strive to exceed client service expectations at all times, many of our clients stay with us year after year (even during the recent downturn).

At Watermark Wealth Strategies LLC, we understand that retirees face many important decisions that can affect their long-term financial success. Some of those decisions revolve around making investments that may help create a hedge against outliving their income, the impact of inflation, taxation, and rising healthcare costs.

Because the majority of our clients are retirees with similar concerns, we are in a position to approach such challenges with experience and skill.

At Watermark, we also value the team approach.  Read more about Team e3 below.

We make this possible by putting the “ e ” in Team:

Education: Watermark Wealth Strategies cares about your retirement plan just as much as you do, so that is why we make it our first priority to stay educated and current with the market, products, and tax laws, as well as keeping you knowledgeable and current.

We work with CPAs and lawyers that specialize in taxes and estate planning, so that we can be educated on current tax laws to better assist you. The first meeting with your financial advisor will be an intense workup that will combine your knowledge and resources with our knowledge and resources.

Periodically through the year, we also host educational events that help keep you up to date with the market, changes to tax laws and healthcare, and general investment information. Special speakers also include pertinent information about nutrition and exercise, real estate and introductions to new enriching activities.

Engagement: Watermark Wealth Strategies knows how important and crucial it is for clients to stay connected with our team, as well as with other clients, so we take great pride in coordinating special events that help engage each client. From weekly newsletters and monthly wine events, to client appreciation dinners and educational workshops, it is important to us to stay connected so that our clients feel connected.

We also remind our clients of online access, so that they can connect to their accounts online, too.

Enrichment: We take great joy in working to exceed client service expectations and satisfaction, and by keeping our clients educated and engaged, we feel that that is an integral part in fostering enriching relationships and retirement plans for years to come.